Inland Marine Coverage

There are many types of coverage available to help your client reduce their loss in the event of damage to property by a covered peril.

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Contractors Equipment

  • Owned Equipment

    MJI has Carriers to cover machinery, equipment, small tools and other items used by contractors.

    Examples of property covered would be tractors, cranes, graders, fork lifts, back hoes, bulldozers, saw mills, compressors and hand tools. Replacement Cost is available on equipment up to 5 years new. Smaller items such as saws, compressors, and hand tools can be covered for loss from insured perils on an unscheduled basis.

  • Unscheduled Miscellaneous Tools

    All contractors have small tools along with their employees owned tools. No schedule is needed. Coverage is subject to a limit any one item subject to a total loss limit.

  • Rental Equipment

    If your clients are lessees renting equipment from others, they may be liable for damage sustained while in their care, custody and control. We have markets to provide your clients with coverage during that time of rental. Lessors of equipment also have need for similar coverage.

    If your clients have property with higher exposure to loss, we have markets for them. Logging, Saw Mills, Cranes, Riggers, Oil and Gas Equipment are risks types we can help you with.

Consider these Inland Marine Coverages:

Builders Risk

Whether your client is doing new ground-up construction coverage or renovation’s or rehab properties, Med James, Inc. has many options for your policy holder. If you need existing structure coverage for your rehabs, you need to call your Med James’s underwriter to discuss the details of your insured’s needs.


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Drone....

Need coverage that matches changes in technology? Coverage is for unmanned aircraft systems that are used for business purposes. Equipment for photography, video and infrared photography can also be covered for physical damage.

Installation Floater

Property away from premises that is to be installed at a job customer can be covered for loss to that property while it is on customer and in process of being installed. Property included is that which is in the insured’s care, custody and control.

So if it does not look, walk or quack like a duck, what is it?

It’s miscellaneous coverage. Any mixed variety of personal property that is mobile. Property owned, leased or in your insured care, custody or control. Here are some items we can help you with :

Scheduled Property Floater

For any personal property (other than Aircraft, auto, furs, jewelry, money-see our forms for coverage and limitations) that is schedule on the declarations and not better covered under another form. We write DJ lighting and sound equipment, portable medical equipment, trailers not licensed for road use. It’s miscellaneous; if it’s not noted above we can still consider it.

Exhibition Coverage

Events and fairs have hundreds of thousands of dollars of property exposed to loss caused by partial or total loss. The primary purpose is to provide coverage for property on display away from the insured premises location.

Miscellaneous Bailee

Property of customers in your insured’s (Bailee) care, custody and control. Dry cleaners, tailors, appliance repair; including computers. This coverage extends for coverage at the Bailee’s business location or while in transit.

Additional Coverages

We also offer tailor made coverage. Contact your underwriter for more details on the items below.

  • Warehouse Legal Liability
  • Riggers Liability
  • Towers

Experiencing higher deductibles for the perils of Wind and Hail?

If your Wind and Hail deductible gives you the chill’s like the north wind or makes you want to pack your bags and hail a taxi, we have options for you. Our markets will provide an ability to buy back your Wind and Hail deductible to as low as $5,000 per occurrence.

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