Affluent (High Value) Insurance Program

When luxury homes are all that you handle, you have a great understanding of the standards that are required to satisfy this type of client. Along with the high value home coverage, we offer luxury auto coverage , schedules for high end jewelry, fine arts, and even wine collections. We also offer large excess coverage up to $50,000,000 and substantial discounts for multi-line accounts.

We utilize Chubb Masterpiece and AIG Private Client Group, two of the premier carriers in the market place.

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Key Features of the Affluent Homes Program

  • 100 years of age and newer
  • Minimum value of $500,000
  • Maximum of two weather related losses in the past three years
  • Guaranteed Replacement cost
  • Occupancy type - mono-line primary, secondary and rental with supporting primary
  • No photo required, company will inspect
  • Protection class 1-8 accepted, seconday 9 with acceptable fire protection

Yacht and Boats

Inland Waterways and Blue Water.

Whether your client’s boat is a 20 foot runabout or a super yacht with a crew, our high value carriers vast experience in watercraft insurance enables them to understand your clients coverage needs.

Collections Coverages

We can provide unique protection for your clients jewelry, fine arts, antiques and wine. The collections policy lets your client choose how they want to insure their valuables, either itemized or blanket coverage. The coverage is worldwide, so they can rest easy when they travel with an item or maybe add to their collection while on vacation.

Fine Art

Paintings, sculptures, furniture and rugs are all eligible with no deductible. You will also receive 90 days of automatic coverage for newly acquired items, and no appraisal is required for items under $250,000.


We offer 150% replacement cost with no deductible and no appraisal is required for wine valued under $50,000. Breakage and spoilage coverage is also available, along with In-transit coverage for wine being shipped to your client.

Fine Jewelry

We offer coverage with no deductible. You will also receive 90 days of automatic coverage for newly acquired items, and no appraisal is required for items under $100,000.

High Value Automobiles

Including antiques

  • Lock in new or used car values at the start of a policy each year
  • Worldwide liability, collision and medical payments for cars borrowed, rented or leased by insured or spouse.
  • Emergency road service and towing for a 50 mile radius is included
  • Original equipment manufacturer repairs (except for glass)
  • Coverage offers Comparable car rental with no per day limit
  • Emergency living expenses up to $500 for accidents occurring away from home, included
  • Extended non-owned coverage for liability and medical payments for cars furnished, such as a company car
  • Auto loan/lease coverage pays amount due on a loan or penalties on a lease for a total loss

Every year, heavy rains brings flooding

Every year, an insured finds out the hard way that their homeowner’s policy excludes this exposure.

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