HO-6 Condominium Insurance Program

Being part of a condo association means your client needs to be prepared to possibly share in losses outside of their own unit to common areas like the pool or club house. Condo coverage provides not only contents coverage, additions/alteration coverage for an individual’s unit, but also offers loss assessment coverage for common areas.

This coverage is also available for affluent risks starting at $500,000, please visit our Affluent (High Value) section.

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Key Features of the HO-6 Program

  • Named Insured - Trust, Estate and LLC eligible
  • Occupancy type - Owner, seasonal, rental and short term rental available
  • Prior claims - 1 prior loss accepted, 3 prior losses in specific states
  • Replacement cost
  • Additions and Alterations up to $500,000, contents up to $200,000, liability up to $1,000,000, and Increase Loss Assessment coverage is available
  • No photo required
  • Protection class 9 and 10 accepted

Every year, heavy rains brings flooding

Every year, an insured finds out the hard way that their homeowner’s policy excludes this exposure.

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